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we’ve watched your star’s slow sway
for a long time now
since before you noticed your spin
causes your star to rise and fall in your sky
and named that a day

since before you noticed your tilt
brings you many days of heat
followed by many days of cold
with equilibrium in between
and named those seasons

since before you watched your abnormally large moon
wax and wane
or noticed its effect on your vast oceans
of dihydrogen oxide

at first all we could parse
were those two failed stars
the one sweeping a wide path
locking your solar system’s angular momentum
in its gargantuan grip
the other with those beautiful rings
at first mere pixels from our point of view

beyond them two icy giants
blue and green

it took time to detect you
your planet and its rocky sisters, anyway
as they buzzed around your calm star

time to sense your thin envelope
and read its signature
across these limitless reaches

when last we sampled your planet
it was ruled by thunderous lizards
who grew wings
by the time we picked up your scent

we saw those bursts of light
those heavy elements hanging in your air
your first stumbling baby steps
foolishly turned on yourself
missing the potential of your own knowledge

we’ll be here
for the next kalpa at least
until this star runs out and we wander again

at least as long as your star lasts
or your precious seas survive
hung so perilously close to that nuclear furnace
that you’ve moved from worshipping
to harvesting

we’ll be here
as you grow
and prosper
and slowly gain a nobility
commensurate with your fortunate place among us

you will know us
when you grow eyes
that can see beyond




Comment on February 14th, 2011.

I came back to read it again after hearing today about the finalists for the ESA prize. Wondering if I will be on Earth to witness FIRST CONTACT. Doubt it. But excited about the idea nonetheless. Meanwhile, back to the task of personal spiritual growth and community building….the building blocks of World Civilization, and the only way we can develop those inner eyes that must accompany the technological forays beyond our limited realm.


Comment on February 14th, 2011.

Somehow I have a feeling first contact won’t be another race visiting us, but us finally recognizing the signs of all the races everywhere around us, pinging several of them as a test, then getting an unexpected response. Who knows…we might even be a baby civilization being watched over by caring parents.

I do share your conclusion though, regardless of how the 21st century plays out. Plenty of work to do to prepare for first contact and all the limitless events afterward that we can’t begin to foresee.


Comment on April 12th, 2011.

Dude…you’re on a trajectory to be a bona fide geek-poet! I can see the t-shirts now…

Seriously, gorgeous and engaging…makes me smile!


Comment on April 12th, 2011.

Many thanks, brother Oak. I’m glad it made you smile. =)

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