The overview effect

Posted on July 1st, 2008 by george.
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Comment on July 1st, 2008.

The Girl Effect has made me cry… and more than one person I’ve forwarded it to has said the same. Glad you blogged it. :)

And the second one? It’s just so… hopeful.


Comment on July 2nd, 2008.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá laid great stress on Education. He said “The girl’s education is of more importance today than the boy’s, for she is the mother of the future race. It is the duty of all to look after the children. Those without children should, if possible, make themselves responsible for the education of a child.”

(Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 91)

“If the mother is educated then her children will be well taught. When the mother is wise, then will the children be led into the path of wisdom. If the mother be religious she will show her children how they should love God. If the mother is moral she guides her little ones into the ways of uprightness…. Therefore, surely, God is not pleased that so important an instrument as woman should suffer from want of training in order to attain the perfections desirable and necessary for her great life’s work! Divine Justice demands that the rights of both sexes should be equally respected since neither is superior to the other in the eyes of Heaven. Dignity before God depends, not on sex, but on purity and luminosity of heart. Human virtues belong equally to all!

(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Paris Talks, p. 162)


Comment on July 2nd, 2008.

Fantastic, George, Thanks.

And thank you, Sholeh, for sharing this quote.


Comment on July 7th, 2008.

In 1995 the World Watch Institute reported in their landmark annual publication The State of the World, that educating the girls of a region to the 3rd grade level (not even college, mind you) in one generation resulted in dropping the birthrate by 50%, doubling child survival, and markedly accelerating the level of prosperity and economic growth of the entire community. Divine teachings revealed 150 years ago have been proven to be true by sound modern population research more than 15 years ago. So what are we waiting for?


Comment on July 10th, 2008.

Exactly, Atoosa. It is the Truth.

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