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Posted on May 14th, 2008 by george.
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It would take a novel to tell the tale of our recent trip south of the equator. I could wax poetic about the natural beauty of Peru and Bolivia, and indeed, Lake Titicaca is everything the Animaniacs crack it up to be, and Machu Picchu is most deserving of its spot among the New Seven Wonders of the World. What keeps emerging as I tell the stories to friends, however, is an aspect of that same modern world that we as Baha’is are working to eradicate: extremes of wealth and poverty.

Coming home to my first Radiohead concert, after waiting more than a decade to see one of my all-time favorite bands live, only threw the contrast between the United States and Peru and Bolivia into starker relief. While the experience was underwhelming (most likely due to the poor sound quality at Ford Ampitheater in Tampa, the lazy crowd and the mellow setlist), it was still worthwhile. There’s no comparing it to Peru, but I couldn’t get Radiohead’s songs out of my head for days. Indeed I still can’t. In Rainbows defies my knack for hyperbole. I think Vince, who joined us at the concert, said it best.

IN RAINBOWS – choose 1:

a) Great Radiohead Album, or

b) Greatest Radiohead Album

Leave it to a band who defines my generation to say what I wanted to say about South America (and indeed all countries not as privileged as the G8) with a powerful music video, released while we were in Peru.



Comment on May 14th, 2008.

I am still amazed by how different that song seems when you listen to it and when you listen to it *and* watch the video. An entirely new song emerges with that video. Radiohead is amazing.


Comment on May 14th, 2008.

what a beautiful picture!!! sounds/looks amazing :) glad you guys had such a great trip.


Comment on May 26th, 2008.

Excellent video. I wish all bands would make videos that mean something.


Comment on July 1st, 2008.

Wow. Phenomenal video. Says it all. Brilliance.

About the show: definitely underwhelming. However, I’m pretty convinced that these songs were built for small venues. Its a quieter, more intimate drama they communicate.

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